Welcome to the Hippo Swim Club

We are a small, friendly, highly qualified, learn to swim club based in High Wycombe, Bucks, who have been in operation since the mid 90’s.

Our emphasis is to teach children and adults to swim. Our courses include water safety, survival skills, learning to dive and we aim to have fun at the same time.

For further details please use the tabs above or email info@hipposwimclub.co.uk with your enquiry.

Enrolments are now taking place for the Spring Term 2019.

  • Hi Elaine
    Thanks for your email with regards to re-enrolment.
    We will definitely re-enrolling Melissa for September through to December. We are very pleased with her progress since Easter - she is almost swimming on her own and actually asked if she could try to do that last Saturday.
    I will send the form and cheques asap. We've a lot on at the moment so I hope I remember!
    We're also going away in August so I'm hoping a week with a pool at our disposal will be good reinforcement for Melissa.
    Thank you again for fitting us into your swimming school and please would you convey my thanks to James. He's a fabulous teacher.

    9th July 2014

  • Hi Elaine, Been meaning to drop you a line for weeks now!
    I just wanted to say how impressed Finn and I are with James - Finn's Level One swimming instructor, Saturdays at 9am.
    He is brilliant - Finn has come on so much this term - James is supberb - no time for messing about - but he still keeps it fun, but works them hard - without them really knowing!
    Thanks to the two girls in the pool too! sorry I don't know their names!
    Please do pass this on - we've never get a chance to chat/thanks any of the guys on Saturday - they're so bust and focused on the kids!. Thanks again!

    Tony Sutton, 29th November 2013

  • We have been using Hippo Swim Club for the past few years and I can highly recommend them. The teacher pupil ratio is low and not only is there a qualified instructor poolside, there is also another support staff in the water with the children. The instructors are professional and are polite whilst also maintaining high standards of behaviour to minimise disruption and pupils putting other pupils at potential risk. The instructors are extremely responsive to personal needs and advice and even loaned a set of dolphin discs to our son for our summer holiday. Elaine is also very accomodating in sorting out times for lessons that coincide with siblings. I have used several companies/swim schools in the past and this is the best by far. Many thanks and we look forward to the new term in September.

    Lisa Green, 26th August 2012

  • I just wanted to say what a fantastic swimming club 'Hippo Swim Club' is. The staff are always friendly & encouraging. My girls learnt so much, so quickly under the guidance of your staff. They are now both members of Wycombe Swim Club and have the medals to prove it.  
    The fact that there are always helpers in the pool, to offer assistance & advice where needed, is a real bonus for your club.

    I feel this help the children progress quicker & helps their self-confidence & self-esteem no end.

    Also, the children learn to 'thread-water' from an early stage, which means they are then confident to swim in the 'deep-end' of the pool.

    I've also enjoyed the 'adult only' sessions and 'aqua-fit' classes which you have run in the past. I will be first on the list to sign up, if/when you recommence these classes.

    I have recommendated 'Hippo Swim club' to lots of my friends and they have all been very happy with the progress their children have made.

    Anne Bromley, 31st August 2012

  • We have been using Hippo Swimming Club for over 7 years for both my daughters and have always been pleased with the quality of lessons and progress they have made. This is due to the excellent teaching from Elaine Langley and her team and the facilities at the RGS School which are now greatly improved. We would thoroughly recommend this swimming school.

    Gill Price, 17th August 2012

  • Firstly I would like to thank you and your team for teaching my children to swim

    I first came across the Hippo Swim Club in 1995/6 and enrolled my 1st child, the lessons provided by the club have been excellent, in fact my eldest child went on to swim for several swimming clubs.

    My youngest child whom I enrolled in 2008/9 is now at the point were I feel training is no longer necessary as is a very confident swimmer.

    From this date range you can see that I have used Hippo Swim Club for many years, and the reason for this is that Elaine and her team provide an excellent service.

    Wishing you and the club continued success

    Bella Griffiths, 17th August 2012

  • My 2 daughters age 8 and 13 have been attending weekly lessons with Hippo Swim club for serval years now and throughout this time I have watched them both go from weak, inexperienced swimmers, to confident, competent, strong swimmers. During each term both my girls work hard to achieve their grades and at the end of each term, celebrate their success and get great pride from achieving their badge and certificate. During my years with Hippo Swim Club we have found all the teachers to be extremely professional, caring, genuine and supportive. I would highly recommend Hippo Swim Club to anyone, as not only have my children learnt how to swim confidently but they have also had fun and made good friends along the way.

    Jennifer Arnold, 23rd August 2012

  • My 2 children and I are very happy with Hippo swim club and the staff are very friendly. They offer flexible times depending on your child's age and ability.

    Annabelle Ward, 21st August 2012

  • Having struggled with swimming for several years my son went from a level one to a level seven in twelve months with Hippo Swim Club. No more needs to be said!

    Christine Russell, 16th August 2012

  • The Hippo swim club offers lessons that fit in nicely with the school routines of busy parents and the children I chauffeur around love it. It is well organised, very professional and gets results!

    Bob Digby, 16th August 2012